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All-Seeing Essential Oil :: IGNITE



evokes the element  of earth or “to be silent”

associated with stability, prosperity, crops, animal, mountains, nature, grounding and protection


WHITE FIR clean, crisp and piney

CYPRESS clean, fresh, herbaceous and woody

PATCHOULI rich, sweet, warm and musky


The Whiite Fir tree is known for its strength, versatility and beauty. It evokes stability, energy and empowerment while helping the mind and body relax. Cypress comes from the soft needle of the evergreen tree. It is grounding and refreshing yet has stimulating effects on emotions. It is great for times of transition. Both White Fir and Cypress promote healthy respiratory function, giving us nourishing and vitalizing breath. Patchouli helps ground and balancing effects on emotions. It is capable of controlling anxiety and fighting depression.

1 oz perfume bottle


HeartCave’s All-Seeing Essential Oil Collection promises to only use the highest quality and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. They have been tested to ensure they are both pure (extracts contain only the volatile aromatic compounds of a plant) and potent (extracts have consistent chemical composition from batch to batch). We had mix each scent in small batches with organic sunflower and primrose oils. 

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All-Seeing Eye _ labels _ ignite-05.png