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All-Seeing Essential Oil :: REVEAL


JUST re-released and crafted on Earth Day 4.22.18

 R E V E A L 

evokes the element of air or “to know”

associated with mental power, intellect, communication, teaching, travel and freedom


CEDARWOOD rich, warm and woody

CLARY SAGE herbal, coniferous and woody

JUNIPER spicy, yet fresh and clean

SANDALWOOD sweet, smooth, creamy and woody


Just as the cedarwood tree evokes strength in its ability to thrive in cold climates and high altitudes, so is reminiscent in the essential oil. evoking wellness and vitality. Due to its chemical compound, Clary Sage ls one of the most relaxing, soothing and balancing essential oils. When inhaled, it soothes the nervous system, lightens mood and creates a sense of euphoria. Juniper relieves stress and cleanses our emotional body. Sandalwood  has been long values for its grounding effect 

1 oz perfume bottle


HeartCave’s All-Seeing Essential Oil Collection promises to only use the highest quality and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. They have been tested to ensure they are both pure (extracts contain only the volatile aromatic compounds of a plant) and potent (extracts have consistent chemical composition from batch to batch). We had mix each scent in small batches with organic sunflower and primrose oils. 

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All-Seeing Eye _ labels _ reveal-03.png