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F U L L grand-mama flower moon+

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This F U L L  F L O W E R  M O O N  G A T H E R I N G was filled with vast amounts of love, joy and magic! New friendships abound. I'm riding this wave of ever-changing emotion as my subtle body adjusts - shifting into new perspectives, deepening self-acceptance, radiating love and surrendering to the flow of life with grace and ease. As I allow this experience to dissolve resistance, I find myself with more energy and a heightened awareness. Words can't describe the impact of our tribe that weekend but we invite anyone seeking sisterhood, support and communion to surrender to the calling and join us next time. Follow our Facebook page here and visit the curator's, Caroline Marie Griffin, website for details on dates and registration. 

All the women who show up - host, guest-host or simply attendees - bring their own unique piece to this cosmic puzzle. We are all equal. We are all powerful to this practice. HEARTCAVE/Kate Rutter (that's me!) attended as a host to share plant spirit wisdom and lead a co-created public installation. This moon's work was tuning into our truths. I spoke of plants as beings and shared how I commune with them to find balance in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Later, I led a ceremony where we used flowers as a potent gateway from our earthly realm into the cosmic realm to seek guidance and magnify manifestation. Through intention and the crafting of a mandala, we strengthened our inner voice and created a new dialog with the universe. One of connectedness and compassion. Later that evening, under the brightness of the moon, we surrendered the mandala into the ocean to give back to the Mother for providing us with her wisdom. What a blessing. 


I wanted to send out a special t h a n k  y o u  to Jill Mason of Starflower for helping us with a last minute flower haul to make this mandala even bigger and more beautiful. We appreciate your kind offering.

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