We were so honored to participate in the first FULL MOON GATHERING Workshop hosted by Caroline Marie Griffin. It was truly a magical experience to be surrounded by creative women alike at the Sou'Wester Lodge and Trailer Park on the coast of Washington.

The Full Moon was in the water sign of Cancer while it poured buckets during our candle-lit ceremony. As we released old patterns and attachments that no longer served us in this New Year, we called on plant medicine and our new tribe of sisterhood to support each other in this process. We sat momentarily with this newly cleared energy to appreciate the emptiness or better yet openness. Next, we called in new intentions one by one as we infused salts with essential oils and tea leaves.


The next event is scheduled for March 6-8th. It will focus on self-love and rekindling the flame. I hope to you see MAGIC CREATIVE FORCES there! 

fullmoon pop up
dancing women

Full Moon Gathering Workshops - With the company of other radical female Creatives, these retreats set the foundation for deep and powerful relationships, inspire creative growth and provide the opportunity to reconnect with your social, emotional and creative networks.

Hosted by Atelier Cornelia's Caroline Marie Griffin, attendees spend two days partaking in conversation, workshop activities, breathtaking coastal views and delicious lodge-cooked meals (with the best of company). Guest hosts in attendance lead small group activities or talks on shifting topics of interest. In addition, the retreat hosts musical performances on Saturday nights, tarot or psychic readings, candlelit moon ceremony & the Full Moon Pop-Up Shop. 

(words taken from Atelier Cornelia's Caroline Marie Griffin)