INSIDER: The Beginning

THIS IS our first post to commence our "Insider", a series detailing the successes, challenges and interworking in-house at HEARTCAVE. As a means for us to let out all the clutter of brainstorms and dreamstorms and to-do lists, we want to give you a look into how and why we're doing what we're doing. 

Having launched on Oct 14, 2014, HeartCave no longer lives in a "dreamstorm" state; it is now alive and pulsing in our ethnosphere with its own expectations, fears and chances to be taken. This is both terrifying and exhilarating. We've spent many days in furniture-less apartments building this amalgamation of our visions and desires. Through the wisps of words and ideas, we discovered this: we want to create, we want to curate and we want to build a space where mindful, intentional craft is beloved and showcased. We want to provide a space where craft is conceptualized by people like us and where craft can serve as both form and function.