Last weekend we were invited to spend two days on the Washington Coast in a small town called Seaview.

Destination - The Sou'Wester Lodge, a campground with vintage travel trailers, private cabins, an honor system thrift shop, a sauna and a main lodge where the staff lives year round. 

Reason for visit - We were asked to be the photography subject for our friend Phil Chester. Phil is super great. He's equally funny as he is talented and always a sure fire good time.

He teamed up with fellow photographers Ryan Muirhead and Dylan & Sara to create PHOTO COTERIE - a traveling photography shindig. Their goal is to help emerging photographers build confidence in their style and brand through these weekend workshops. 

To our surprise, another dear friend would be there too, Meredith Adelaide. She was the subject for Ryan during the workshop but naturally documented the weekend with here killer photo skills. Meredith has this radiant energy about her. She's authentic. She's probably one of the kindest people I know, always willing to share her knowledge and connections with an open heart. She does it all - photography, modeling, acting, writing and beyond. Gosh, we love her. So, here are a few of her photos to give you a glimpse into our special weekend.